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教學大綱和網路課程練習- Syllabus and Web lesson practices

Thanks to the TCLS teachers, the class syllabuses of the year 2015-2016 are now online. They can be of great assistance to the parents who help their kids with reading or homework, or like to learn Chinese themselves. With these syllabuses, you can plan ahead, help your children to be more prepared or even make early advancement to the next level. We’d like you to use these materials at home, in addition to the two hours of lessons they receive from Chinese School. They’ll provide you with a tool to enhance your children’s Chinese learning experience, as well as to enrich your life with the beauty of another language.
Syllabus Vocabulary e-Lesson
Kindergarten 1 Kindergarten 1 zhuYin Pronunciation
Kindergarten 2 Kindergarten 2
Kindergarten 3 Kindergarten 3
Grade 1 Grade 1 Quizlet (see below)
Grade 2 Grade 2 Quizlet (see below)
Grade 3 Grade 3 Quizlet (see below)
Grade 4 Grade 4 Quizlet (see below)
Grade 5 Grade 5 Quizlet (see below)
Grade 6 Grade 6 Quizlet (see below)
Grade 7 Grade 7 Quizlet (see below)
Grade 8 Grade 8 Quizlet (see below)
Grade 9 Grade 9 E-Learning Taiwan
Bilingual 1 Bilingual 1 CD & Quizlet (see below) 

PinYin Pronunciation

Bilingual 2 Bilingual 2 CD & Quizlet (see below)
Bilingual 3 Bilingual 3 CD & Quizlet (see below)
Bilingual 4 Bilingual 4 CD & Quizlet (see below)
Bilingual 5
Bilingual 4 CD & Quizlet (see below)
Adult 2 Adult 2 (same as G8) E-Learning Taiwan/Quizlet
Quizlet – Vocabulary Studies and  Games
Password: tcls
B1Lesson1 B2Lesson1 B3Lesson1 B4Lesson1 B4Lesson13(Rutgers)
B1Lesson2 B2Lesson2 B3Lesson2 B4Lesson2 B4 Lesson 31-1 (Rutgers)
B1Lesson3-4 B2Lesson3 B3Lesson3 B4Lesson3 B4 Lesson 31-2 (Rutgers)
B1Lesson5 B2Lesson4 B3Lesson4 B4Lesson4 B4 Lesson 31-3 (Rutgers)
B1Lesson6 B2Lesson5 B3Lesson5 B4Lesson5 B4 Lesson 31-4(Rutgers)
B1Lesson7 B2Lesson6 B3Lesson6 B4Lesson6
B1Lesson8 B2Lesson7 B3Lesson7 B4Lesson7
B1Lesson9 B2Lesson8 B3Lesson8 B4Lesson8
B1Lesson10 B2Lesson9 B3Lesson9 B4Lesson9
B2Lesson10 B3Lesson10 B4Lesson10
G1Lesson1 G2Lesson1 G3Lesson1 G4Lesson1 G5Lesson1
G1Lesson2 G2Lesson2 G3Lesson2 G4Lesson2 G5Lesson2
G1Lesson3 G2Lesson3 G3Lesson3 G4Lesson3 G5Lesson3
G1Lesson4 G2Lesson4 G3Lesson4 G4Lesson4 G5Lesson4
G1Lesson5 G2Lesson5 G3Lesson5 G4Lesson5 G5Lesson5
G1Lesson6 G2Lesson6 G3Lesson6 G4Lesson6 G5Lesson6
G1Lesson7 G2Lesson7 G3Lesson7 G4Lesson7 G5Lesson7
G1Lesson8 G2Lesson8 G3Lesson8 G4Lesson8 G5Lesson8
G2Lesson9 G3Lesson9 G4Lesson9 G5Lesson9
G2Lesson10 G3Lesson10 G4Lesson10 G5Lesson10
G6Lesson1 G7Lesson1 G8 Lesson 1
G6Lesson2 G7Lesson2 G8 Lesson 2
G6Lesson3 G7Lesson3 G8 Lesson 3
G6Lesson4 G7Lesson4 G8 Lesson 4
G6Lesson5 G7Lesson5 G8 Lesson 5
G6Lesson6 G7Lesson6 G8 Lesson 6
G6Lesson7 G7Lesson7 G8 Lesson 7
G6Lesson8 G7Lesson8

G8/Adult2   Password: tcls


A2Lesson1 A2Lesson11 A2Lesson21 A2Lesson31 A2Lesson41
A2Lesson2 A2Lesson12 A2Lesson22 A2Lesson32 A2Lesson42
A2Lesson3 A2Lesson13 A2Lesson23 A2Lesson33 A2Lesson43
A2Lesson4 A2Lesson14 A2Lesson24 A2Lesson34 A2Lesson44
A2Lesson5 A2Lesson15 A2Lesson25 A2Lesson35 A2Lesson45
A2Lesson6 A2Lesson16 A2Lesson26 A2Lesson36 A2Lesson46
A2Lesson7 A2Lesson17 A2Lesson27 A2Lesson37 A2Lesson47
A2Lesson8 A2Lesson18 A2Lesson28 A2Lesson38 A2Lesson48
A2Lesson9 A2Lesson19 A2Lesson29 A2Lesson39 A2Lesson49
A2Lesson10 A2Lesson20 A2Lesson30 A2Lesson40 A2Lesson50


Grade2 Lessons:

Text Story Practice
Text 1 Story 1 Pratice 1
Text 2
Story 2
Pratice 2
Text 3
Story 3
Pratice 3
Text 4
Story 4
Pratice 4
Text 5
Story 5
Pratice 5
Text 6_1 Text_6_2 Story 6
Pratice 6
Text 7_1 Text_7_2 Story 7
Pratice 7
Text 8
Story 8
Pratice 8
Text 9_1 Text_9_2
Story 9
Pratice 9
Text 10
Story 10
Pratice 10