Newsletter – February 5, 2012

From Principal Shawn Liu

• I would like to thank everyone who helped with the Culture Day & Chinese New Year Celebration last week. I don’t have all the pictures yet but you can already tell how much fun and excitement we had generated.

• The Grade 1 story telling contest is scheduled for this Sunday, 2/5, between 2:30 and 2:50 in the classroom 337. Parents are welcome to observe.

• The Grade 3 story telling competition was held on 1/22. All students performed well in a close race. The first three places were Shang Yin Au, Amanda Lee, and Lauren Lee.

• I have received requests for the recipe of the Tofu skin roll dish in the Culture Day parties. Finally I wrote it down and made it available here. I was in a rush and did it only in Chinese. But if you are brave enough I’ll translate to it English for you. Thanks to my Mom for creating this dish.

• The National Council of Associations of Chinese Language Schools (NCACLS) will offer a National Preparation SAT II Chinese exam on 3/11/2012 at TCLS. Scores will be available by April 30.

• In the event of the inclement weather or snow day the school cancellation will be posted on our website ( You will also be notified via email.


From Vice Principal Celia Lee

• PARENT DUTY – The following parents are scheduled to work on Feb 5:

Edward & Maria Leung

Gretchen Belsie

Eddy & Shay Chen

• You can now find your parent duty schedule for the 2011-2012 school year on our website,

• Parents on duty should report to the Office (Room 243) at 1:45pm. If you cannot come, please contact Vice Principal, Celia Lee(508-337-6071, is a $50 fine for absence without prior notice to the Vice Principal.