Newsletter – November 4, 2018

From Principal George Wang

  • Be aware of Daylight Saving End on Sunday and make sure you adjust your clock by one hour
  • 2018年新英格蘭中文學校協會十一月漢字文化節活動將于 11/17/18 舉行: 朗誦比賽及 正體字抄寫比賽 。兩項比賽已開始接受報名
  • 歡迎大家踴躍報名參加.
  • When we had the TCLS summer potluck at 劉大姐家,黃永強 mentioned this GBCAA 合唱團, and looked like some of you showed interested in that to him ( 劉大姐 & 東美 ? ) . Me and Jerry just joined it this year, we had a little be pressure for doing the homework, but also had fun when practicing together
  • Our annual concert will be held on Nov 3, 2018 7:30 pm
    at Newton 2nd church. It’s free.
  • We’ll sing 3 Latin Christian songs, 2 English songs, 1 台語歌 (我身騎白馬),其他是國語歌。有藝術歌,也有通俗歌 ( ex 鳳飛飛組曲 )Welcome to enjoy our singing, and may be you’ll like to join us, and try to ‘練氣功’ with us someday. :-) Sorry for the short notice, If you are interested. You can call or text me at ’978-790-4117′ I will prepare some tickets for you at the front desk.
  • Please observe the school opening and closing times. Unless you receive special notification, school will start at 2:00 PM and end at 5:00 PM. Please refrain from entering the building before 1:45 PM and leaving the school after 5:10 PM. Our school may incur additional cost for not complying to these rules.

From Curriculum Director Shawn Liu