Newsletter – September 19, 2010


From Principal Shawn Liu

  • The extracurricular classes will start this Sunday on September 19.  If your children have not enrolled in these classes, Please contact our secretary, Irene Huang.  The classes include:  Painting, Martial Art, Arts and Crafts, Fun Math, Dizi (Chinese Bamboo Flute), Chinese Folk Dance, Ping Pong, Guitar, Chinese Yoyo.  If you have questions about any of the extracurricular activities, please contact Terry Hsu (781-538-5026, ).


Class Teacher Room
Arts and Crafts Andy Chen 355
Painting Frank Kao 343
Fun Math Chiang Chung 353
Martial Art Jay Po Gym
Chinese Folk Dance Elizabeth Shih Cafeteria
Ping Pong Peter Lee Hall
Chinese Yoyo Winson Dao Gym
Dizi Tai-Chun Pan 337
Guitar Joshua Shiau 303


o   Students can try out different classes this week and next week. We hope to finalize the class lists by the end of day 09/26.

o   Teachers will address any equipment needs in class.

  • On September 26, we will hold a Parents’ Meeting from 2:15 to 3:30 in the cafeteria.  I hope everyone can attend.
  • School bakery starts this Sunday, 09/19.
  • The TCLS has rented the spaces from the Clarke Middle school between 2:00 and 5:00 pm on Sundays. The spaces include all language classrooms, office, gymnasium, and dedicated bathrooms. If for any reason you need to access the facilities outside this list, please seek the permission from the office first.

From Vice Principals Celia Lee

  • PARENT DUTY – The following parents are scheduled to work on Sept. 12, Sept 19,  and 26: 
    Gordon Chiu & Megan Cheung
    Chang kuo Yeh & Jesse Wang
    Victor Liu & Li-Chu Lo
    Christopher & Nicole Eng
  • Parents on duty should report to the Office (Room 243) at 1:45pm. If you cannot come, please contact Vice Principal, Celia Lee(508-337-6071, is a $50 fine for absence without prior notice to the Vice Principal.

From Curriculum Director  Sheng-Chu Lu,Tung-Mei Pan

  • All class transfers must be completed by the end of 09/26. After this day, we will not accept any more transfer requests.
  • Thanks to the teachers, the class syllabuses are now available on our website (


On Friday September 24, at the Jonh Hncock Hall, the renowned Taiwanese folk song singers, Jin-Chung Shih, Do Li, Jin-Yin Lin, Bo-Sen Wang will perform various classical folk songs, and show off the Taiwanese Culture in the form of music and dances.

The venue is Jonh Hncock Hall, 180 Berkeley St., Boston, MA 02116。Seating starts at 6:00 PM and the show starts at 7:00 PM. Ticket prices are $50, $30, $20, and $10. For ticket information, please call 617-332-7475 or 617-965-8801.