Newsletter – October 3, 2010

From Principal Shawn Liu

  • September 28th is teacher’s day in Taiwan which is also known as Confucius’s birthday. To read more about teacher’s day please check the link (
  • In observance of Columbus Day, there will be no school next Sunday (10/10/2010).
  • On 10/17, between 2:15 and 3:45pm, Melisa Huang will be hosting a cooking seminar for the parents in the cafeteria. She will be teaching how to make Curry Dumplings from scratch.
  • Thank you for attending our Parents’ Meeting last week. Together, we can build a cultural community where our children not only learn the Chinese language and culture but also make friends and forge a healthy ethnic identify.
  • Enrollment and transfers for the language as well as the extracurricular class are officially closed. If you must make further changes, please contact me directly.
  • When there are other activities held at Clark School, parking may become difficult. Please always observe the public parking rules and regulations.  Under no circumstances should anyone park in the fire lane or the designated “NO PARKING” area.
  • Clarke School has an additional parking space in the back of the school building.  To get to the parking space from Waltham St., you need to turn to Allen Street (the next street before/after the traffic light at Brookside Avenue, which goes to the school’s main parking lot), then turn left onto Stedman Rd. Follow it to the end.


From Vice Principals Celia Lee

  • PARENT DUTY – The following parents are scheduled to work on Oct. 3: 
    Michael Conant & Lynn Conant (9/26, 10/3)
    Chen Ho & Wendy Whu (9/26, 10/3)
    Wei Shiue (9/26, 10/3)
  • You can now find your parent duty schedule for the 2010-211school year on our website ( and it will also be posted outside of the office.
  • Parents on duty should report to the Office (Room 243) at 1:45pm. If you cannot come, please contact Vice Principal, Celia Lee(508-337-6071, is a $50 fine for absence without prior notice to the Vice Principal.

From Curriculum Director  Sheng-Chu Lu,Tung-Mei Pan

  • All class transfers must be completed by the end of 09/26. After this day, we will not accept any more transfer requests.
  • Please attend the parent-teacher conference this week scheduled by your child’s teacher.


National Day Celebration

  • 10/10 is the national day of the Republic of China, Taiwan. There will be a celebration in front of Boston City Hall starting at 10:00am and followed by performances of Dragon and Lion dance, drum, folk dance, choir and many others.